Have a component to rebuild?

Let us help you.

We’re well equipped with the machinery and experience to rebuild a range of industry-specific components. By rebuilding, you’re able to keep costs low — rebuilding is significantly more economical than replacing. If you have a component that isn’t listed here, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll work with you to identify if we can rebuild it, and if we can’t, we’ll recommend the next best option. Hydraulics: – Hydraulic Rods; HVOF Coating and Eye/ Clevis repair – Hydraulic pump shafts seal and bearing areas Automotive/ Heavy Automotive: – Crankshaft bearing and seal positions – Transmission yoke seal areas – Differential housings; Pinion and Carrier bores. – Differential hemispheres; Bearing areas and Cut & Shut – Gearbox housing bores and shafts Cover plate bores: – Planetary carrier bores and thrust faces – Heavy machinery wheel hubs and spindles – Underground Bogger & Dump Truck Brake components Water pumps/ Air Compressors: – Water pump shafts – Pump wear sleeves – Pump housings and impellers| – Valve bodies and control spools – Compressor shafts, rotors and housings Other Components: – Electric motor armature bearing areas – Drill stems and other components – Vibrating screen shaft and wear plates – Boiler tubes – Abrasion resistant coating – Virtually any seal and bearing area. * Metal spray applications are not suited for needle roller bearings to run on the spray due to the point loading. It is critical that bearings used on metal spray have an inner sleeve between the race and the sprayed area. *