Quick application, low cost.

The best choice for all-purpose spraying.

Twin-Wire Arc Spraying is the best choice for all-purpose spraying, as coatings can be applied quickly and affordably. A wide variety of metal coating materials are available, from aluminium to tungsten carbide, offering high bond strengths, high deposition rates and minimal substrate heating. HOW IT WORKS Twin-Wire Electric Arc Spraying uses two metallic wires as coating feedstock. These wires are electrically charged with opposing polarity and fed into the Arc Gun at matched, controlled speeds. When the wires are brought together, the opposing charges on the wires create enough heat to continuously melt the ends of the wires. Compressed air is used to atomise the now molten material and accelerate it onto the workpiece surface to form the ‘wire coating’. Bond strengths of around 9,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) are achievable. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Advancements in equipment design and technology have introduced Electric Arc Spray to new fields of application, such as mould-making, anti-skid coatings and decorative coatings. It can now be used to coat architectural elements for buildings or artistic sculptures prior to installation. Anti-skid coatings can also be applied to offshore oilrig walkways, as well as aircraft and ship stairways, to make them safer. Typical Application:

  • Reclamation of worn, damaged or mis-machined parts.
  • Atmospheric and heat corrosion control.
  • Rebuild and salvage operations.
  • Bond Coats
  • Electrically Conductive and Solderable Coatings
  • Anti-skid and Traction Coatings

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