Internal & External Diameter Grinding Services in Perth

Operated by our experienced tradesmen.

We’re leaders in surface engineering, and to complement our coating services, we specialise in internal and external diameter grinding.  HOW IT WORKS Cylindrical grinding finish-grinds the outside diameter of a cylindrical part, resulting in a high-quality finish, accurate tolerances, and typically providing a better surface finish than fine machining. Our grinders are manually operated by experienced tradesmen and are not CNC or machine-automated. As such, we’re able to provide exceptional quality from refined handcrafted processes. Our workshop uses cylindrical internal and external grinders, and we also diamond grind internal and external diameters. We’re well-equipped to finish any coating or component materials to the highest specifications. A STEP FURTHER Our polishing capabilities give us the ability to superfinish and belt finish coatings when a mirror finish is required. We can grind with either silicon carbide or diamond wheels, depending on the coating that will be applied and the desired finish.