Economical, reliable coatings.

Take advantage of powered materials.

As a cost-effective and reliable coating, Combustion Powder Thermal Spraying technologies have been used by mining, heavy engineering, mechanical engineering, and surface engineering industries for decades. Combustion powder Spray can restore equipment to its original manufacturer specifications, saving time and money by repairing components rather than replacing them. HOW IT WORKS The Combustion Powder Spray process employs either a handheld or machine-mounted torch that is fed compressed oxygen and acetylene gasses. These are ignited, creating a flame. Then, powdered coating materials are injected into that flame, which are subsequently heated and propelled onto the workpiece surface. TYPICAL APPLICATION: –   Rebuild and Salvage Operations –   Abrasion Resistance –   Sliding Wear Resistance –   Impact Resistance –   Resistance to Chemical Attack –   Atmospheric and High Temperature Corrosion Control