Operating for over 26 years.

With over 33,000 jobs under our belt, New Metal Surfaces are a leading national provider of thermal spraying and coating
technologies. We work with customers, engineers and industry to deliver cost-effective component repair, reducing the need for costly replacements. Our range of thermal spraying and coating services includes high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF), twin wire arc spray, combustion powder spray, machining, grinding, and welding services from our state-of-the-art Kewdale workshop.

Every day, components big and small arrive for our team of specialists to assess. Some are held in the hand of a farmer walking through our front door, others are brought across the Nullarbor by road train. No matter the size, we carefully appraise the component’s properties, composition and application to identify the most effective preparation and technique. It then moves through our workshop following our safe and efficient work practices, and leaves refurbished and in optimum condition.

At New Metal Surfaces, we combine sophisticated workshop practices to ensure mechanical properties remain effective. Our research has led to the development of special techniques to improve the reliability of the application process. With a qualified Metallurgist on deck, our services are prompt, competitively priced and guaranteed.

We are ready to discuss any job and give you a carefully considered appraisal of the work at hand.